Best Exterior Pest Control Programs for Turf and Family

Exterior Pest Control

Lawn pests can do a lot of damage on the outside of your house and create a nuisance for you and your family. They can take a beautiful lawn and make it a wasteland in no time. Proper identification and exterior pest control programs are ways to stop insect infestations. We know what symptoms to look for on inspections. Here are a few symptoms to watch out for and treat.

Exterior Pest Control

Chinch bugs

Chinch bugs are the enemy of grass lawns where they do most of their damage. The naked eye can see them, but they are tiny. The youngest has a distinct red color and hide out in the thatch of the lawn. Chinch bugs rear their ugly heads during the active growing season of the yard. They are in the sucking group of insects and will thrive by sucking moisture from the grass. They leave behind a chemical that inhibits the vascular system of the plant from water intake, eventually killing the plant. Thus, dead patches of grass are created throughout the lawn regardless of the amount of watering that is offered. Thick, lush greens are their favorite target of choice where they lay their eggs and multiply. Adults are about the size of a pen tip so get your magnifying glasses out for inspection if you have bare spots in your lawn.

Call in the lawn pros at the first sign of these hellions and apply an exterior pest control program. Better yet, sign up for one of our Mosquito, Gnat and Tick pest control program that also rids the area of fleas, spiders, chinch bugs, stink bugs and most shelled insects. The significant part about this program is it doesn’t harm beneficial insects such as pollinators in your garden.  Keep your mind at ease by investing in the care of your lawn turf after spending thousands for upkeep and irrigation.


Another turf pest that leaves behind brown dead patches in the lawn is a white C shaped larvae from scarab beetles found below the soil surface. The adult beetles will eat your ornamental shrubs, but at the larvae stage, they are chewing on the roots and thatch of the turf during the growing season. If you have damaged patches in the fall or spring, it’s most likely caused by grubs. Cutting an area of the turf and lifting it for inspection is the best way to inspect for larvae. Our lawn experts can treat these areas and recommend how to keep your lawn pest free with our Exterior Pest Control Programs.


What’s Eating My Plants and How Do I Get Rid of It?

Deer Control

So, something is having a picnic in your garden at your expense? A little nibble here and another there can leave you wondering if Peter Rabbit has shown back up or Bambi is debuting in your backyard! Enough is enough. You don’t want to poison them, just leave a bad taste in their mouth, so they go running to the forest where they belong! We have season-long treatments that are organic, non-toxic, and is biodegradable. An ongoing program is your best defense to their nuisance picnicking. They forget and come back to dinner if there isn’t a regular treatment program in place. Rainwater can wash off the substance from the plant material over time; therefore, treatments are applied six times a season to ensure continuous pest control coverage.


Pets In the House

Lawn Care Program

If you’re like most, our children and pets are a part of our lives. We want to keep them safe in the backyard! But when they step outside, what will they encounter? Pets can easily pick up ticks or fleas, so it’s a good idea to keep the unwanted exterior pests from entering our living areas or worst yet, landing on our skin and biting us. Our exterior Pest Control program is a full season program riding your area of ticks, spiders, cockroaches, ants, and more. Entry points of your home are protected, so there are no worries.

Wash your hands and contact Horizon Landscape Company in Bergen County to take care of your family and pets and keep your ornamentals and shrubs green and guarded against another picnic!